Welcome to Westholme

The Western March is a region of the western lands encompassing the western-most border of the Ildorian Empire. After the collapse of the Empire, this land fell to barbarians, humanoids, and worse. 250 years ago, Westholme was established to bring civilization back to this land. But after some initial successes, this endeavor failed and Westholme remained the bulwark against the chaos spreading further eastward. Now, under the younger Count Barojin Farhelm, the call has gone out again for adventurous souls to brave the dangerous wilds of the Western March and to carve out their fortune.

Character Creation


Religion & The Planes

OSR and Sandbox Play

This campaign is being run using the principals of OSR and the sandbox style of play. It initially started with the Adventurer Conqueror King System rule set but has since been ported to Labyrinth Lord. Players will create 1st level characters who start out in Westholme and may chart their own paths to wealth and power. Using Westholme as a base, they can venture out into the western wilds to plunder tombs and recover lost treasures.

Being sandbox style, the players are in control of the campaign’s progress. They decide what they want to do and how they want to do it.

Western March

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