Western March

2nd Session - Ok, everyone, back to town!

Session Date: May 24, 2013

This was kind of a last-minute session. Since it was the Friday before Memorial Day, we decided to play for half a day instead of work. Yay! Unfortunately, we only had two players. Boo!

In the group we had:
Angus McPherson – 1st level explorer
Brindlestaff – 1st level mage
Arrim Bonera – 1st level cleric (DM’s character run as a PC)

The group spent two weeks in town hiring henchman. Angus already had Sigmund, and he didn’t have the gold for any more, but both Brindlestaff and Arrim wanted to hire some. Both got two henchman. Arrim’s was named Braon and Tomar. Don’t recall was Brindlestaff’s was named, but neither he nor the henchman lasted long enough to matter.

After some discussion, the group decided not to follow the Ustek Barrows quest but instead to hunt goblins. So they headed northwest along the Old Imperial Road. They had a quiet journey the first day, but during the night the group was attacked by 3 giant scorpions. Brindlestaff was able to put one to sleep, but the rest of the group rushed up the trees leaving him and his henchman as the main targets. One of the scorpions got him and he failed his save vs. Poison. The group decided to head back to town, and Brindlestaff’s two henchman took the body back then left.


harry harry

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